Our 4 Favorite Detroit Clothing Brands

July 20, 2015

“So this is your wilderness: Detroit,” says Tilda Swinton to Tom Hiddleston in Jim Jarmusch’s vampire film, “Only Lovers Left Alive.”

And that’s what Detroit is –a wilderness of decaying grandeur, a place where the remnants of the Gilded Age and plunder of the Boom years are accented by empty lots and the starkness of the Midwestern sky. 

The Motor City is the American Acropolis. But it’s also a Dorian Gray-like landscape whose art and architecture direct us towards the future.

In Detroit, less is more, and everything is where something used to be.

What are five of our favorite Detroit clothing lines? The best Detroit fashion is about more than clothing. It’s about lifestyle and sensibility. 

Dirt Label

What’s the dirt on Dirt Label? 

We were right there with Dirt Label when they launched back in 2006.  In our brands' early days, SMPLFD & Dirt Label's founder, native Detroiter Chris 'Critty' Morris, threw parties together in an effort to expose our designs to a larger audience.  Since then, like SMPLFD, Dirt Label has been on the grind to expand the brand from a small fold-up table presentation to a global presence.  Now with a flagship store in Royal Oak, Dirt Label specializes in Detroit tshirts, sweatshirts, hats, bottoms, tops, and tank tops. The people of Detroit have swagger, and Dirt Label embodies that cocky confidence. Dirt Label believes in “Doing It Different,” and its innovative designs appeal to those who strive to live a life less ordinary.  

Detroit Denim 

Detroit Denim has been using locally sourced materials long before the locovore moment became a fad with handlebar mustached hipsters.

Founded by Eric Yelsma, Detroit Denim prides itself on craftsmanship. Always in search of the perfect stitch type, Detroit Denim uses selected vintage and new machines to create authentic American jeans. Each pair maintains a superb fit that has the durability and construction of a classic Detroit muscle car.

DSE Detroit

What happens when the house brand takes over a retail store specializing in local and national brands? That’s the story of DSE. What started as a retail store in 2008 became a flagship for DSE by early 2012. Detroit has always had an entrepreneurial spirit, and DSE represent that eternal prosperity. Taking cues from art, music, and culture, DSE earned our respect for establishing a retail presence amidst Detroit's recent dark days - and working hard to turn that retail location into their very own flagship store.  


The 126-year old Michigan maker of jeans, jackets, and work apparel is set to open its first retail store in Midtown Detroit. The Deerborn-based company opened a 51,000-square–foot store in a historic building on Cass Avenue. The decision to launch the Detroit store in Midtown is about more than clothing. It’s about jobs, community, and revitalization. It’s a homecoming for a company founded in Detroit 1889.


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