Murder Mitten T-shirt Designs

February 18, 2015 2 Comments

Not a day goes by that we don't receive an email (both positive and negative) regarding our Murder Mitten design.  So, to answer all the questions and inquiries, we've drafted the following statement:

Murder Mitten T-shirt

Dear Patrons and Friends,

We have decided to stop printing the Murder Mitten design. We've come to this conclusion at this time due in part to emails and letters from you, but due more so to our own guilt and self-critical debating that has staggered on for years concerning the design. For example, within the company we have reciprocated emails internally and have expressed discontent verbally over the design on several occasions. 

We first designed the "Murder Mitten" image nearly a decade ago when we were younger, more ignorant, and less sensitive to morality and humanitarian issues. Since then the sales of the Murder Mitten T-shirt have been what has kept our company afloat, which is the reason - and we realize it is an objectionable reason - that we have continued to sell the design. Meanwhile what was intended to be a contextualized joke appealing to fans of "hip-hop" culture (the term "Murder Mitten" was taken from an Obie Trice rap), has in our maturity come to be recognized by us for its insensitive, offensive, and unprincipled nature. Generated from this growth, financially at one end and morally at the other, a dilemma has arisen whether to continue to sell the design for the reason of generating income and providing financial stability, or to terminate sales on ethical grounds. Finally, we have chosen the latter and will no longer sell the design.

Thank you for your support,
The SMPLFD team

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Justin @ SMPLFD
Justin @ SMPLFD

August 06, 2013

I’ve seen the pics of the tattoo and I’ve been told the story. For an artist, it’s the highest compliment that you can receive. We truly do appreciate that. I hope you can understand our motives for moving on without it. We will, however, always know that the artwork did have a positive impact on those who discovered it and consumed it. Thanks for reaching out man and reach out to me personally if you’d like to discuss this further!

-Justin | SMPLFD


August 05, 2013

Complete bullshit. I got this as a tattoo on my stomach as soon as I saw it during midtour leave from Iraq. Sad to see it go but it will live forever on me

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