Every Response to Kendrick Lamar's Verse on Big Sean's Control

February 18, 2015 1 Comment

If there's one thing that sets hip-hop apart from the rest of the music industry, it's the pride the artists take in their own name.  Mention their name, even if it's supposed to be positive, then you can expect some sort of response.  'Beef' has been happening in hip-hop and rap since the beginning.  Since Boogie Down Productions vs. Juice Crew started the Bridge Wars, rappers have been going back and forth in an effort rightfully claim what's theirs. 

In today's day and age, most of the beef has been kept in the studio and out of the streets.  So, when Kendrick Lamar's verse on Big Sean's single, "Control," set the Internet on fire, you had to know those who were mentioned (and even those who weren't felt butt hurt) were going to respond.  

Let's first have a listen to "Control." Kendrick's verse starts at the 3:04 mark.

Here's a list of the best responses to Kendrick Lamar's verse, in no particular order. I'll add to it as they're released.

Lupe Fiasco - SLR 2 

B.o.B. - How 2 rap

Joell Ortize - Out of Control 

Fred the Godson - Say My Name

Los - Control Freestyle

Who won? Did you think Kendrick Lamar's verse was a diss or a wake up call?

My personal favorite response was from Ice-T. It wasn't a track, but a Tweet:

On Tuesday, ICE T tweeted: "I love how ONE verse woke Hip Hop the F--- up. It's been a LONG time since people talked about ANYTHING someone said in their rhyme." He later tweeted, "I'm sure there's gonna be a lot of replies and diss tracks. Don't trip. It's just Hip Hop. ... Hey, Hip Hop stripes are born in battle. Me and LL (Cool J) did our thing back in the day. It's part of the game."



1 Response

Top-Lock The Great
Top-Lock The Great

August 23, 2013

I think it was a wake up call,but thats just my personal opinion.The whole situation in a nutshell is good for hiphop,just keep it on wax.

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