Pricing: going into year three of a nationwide garment & supply shortages across the industry, combined with an increase in raw materials and labor costs, we’ll be continuously monitor the situation and adjusting our pricing matrix to keep the business healthy and competitive.

Screen Printing Minimums: our screen printing garment minimum will still be 12 pcs per design. However, we’re also implementing the following minimums:

  • For orders w/ 12-24 pcs, maximum ink colors is 2 per design.

  • For orders w/ 12-24 pcs, maximum print locations is 2.

  • Orders requiring inside tags will need a minimum of 25 pcs.

Contract Printing: although it’s a small part of our business, we will no longer be doing any contract printing for jobs under 50 pcs. SMPLFD Printing is a boutique print shop that focuses on quality & customer service, not high volume and quality-second approaches. We’re simply not set-up for small run contract printing, so we’re eliminating it. If you have a job that requires contract printing and it’s 50+ pcs per design, please reach out for a quote.

If you'd like to learn about contract vs. non-contract screen printers, here's a good read.

Customer Provided Garments: non-contract screen printers rely on their own sourcing of garments for customers because it not only allows them to order extra for potential mistakes, but it is also a way to control quality by printing on familiar garments & materials.

We will highly suggest we provide the garments on all future orders. But, if you must, you’ll be agreeing to the following:

  • Minimum of 50 garments per style.

  • Invoices will have a 25% up-charge added.

  • We are not responsible for mistakes for up to two items or 5%, whichever is greater. No replacements will happen, so order accordingly.

  • Plus, we'll need to inspect the garments. 

Read all of the ‘customer provided garments’ procedures here.

Finishing Services: we will be offering sewing, inside tag printing/removal, & folding/bagging for jobs with 25+ pcs. Please inquire to learn more.

Embroidery: our plan is to finally offer in-house embroidery in 2022, but until then we’re continuing to partner with a local embroidery shop to fulfill orders.

  • Embroidery Minimums: now 12 pcs per design (thread colors can change, but design must be same size to qualify for minimum).

  • Embroidery Digitizing: to deliver the highest quality work, we will no longer be accepting outside DST files. All new jobs must be digitized by our team.

Direct-to-garment: like embroidery, we’ve teamed up with a local partner to handle all DTG printing. While DTG is growing in popularity, it is often not the best choice for those customers looking for bright, high quality prints. We will always do our best to steer your design in the proper printing direction.

  • DTG Minimums: for all new artwork, our DTG minimum will be 24 pcs per design

Curbside pick-up/drop-off: for the foreseeable future, we’ll continue to keep our space closed to the public while offering curbside pick-up & drop-off. We don’t actually have a curb, so let’s call it out-front-pick-up & drop-off.